Wildlife Exposure… what an exciting way to start Term 4!

We had a terrific visit today from   

…getting up close to and even  touching to some truly amazing Australian animals.

Brandon talked to us about their special features and characteristics.

We discovered heaps of interesting facts.

Squirrel Glider (Dusky)


Feeling chirpy?  Meet a dimorphic

Rainbow Lorrikeet (Buddy)

FUNNY FACT: Brandon thought ‘BUDDY’  was a boy for 5 years… until ‘HE’  laid an egg!


Great camouflage – Tawny Frogmouth. They like eating insects and stuff…

(4M joke).

     \   \  

Stumpy Tail LIZARD

(Sometimes called …A HORSESHOE Lizard)

Ask your kids why?


Ring-tailed POSSUM

Cute LITTLE FELLA… with a very strong tail!


Goanna (Lace Monitor) APEX Predator!



Yertle the Turtle!


Flip or Flop? Why?



A Green Tree Frog   (…with bendy bones!)


Monty Python?

How long do you think he / she is??


Who’s a BRAVE TEACHER heh?  Pssst… if I can handle Grade 4 –  I can handle a python!!

Although this one’s very, very… strong. Happy to give him back to Brandon.


  • Baby Salt Water Crocodiles have 66 (razor sharp) teeth! But they can’t open their jaws to bite upwards (hence the soft hair tie).

  • In 100 years this baby… will be 8m long!

  • That’s as long as our classroom.



Marc McBride’s Dramatic Dragons!

Wow!    It was so special to see how Marc McBride,  illustrator of Deltora Quest, uses  colours, backgrounds and an airbrush to create amazing dragons, creatures and characters!

Marc made us think about backgrounds, shapes and shadows (light sources) … and settings.

So many book covers!

Berwick RSL – Grade 4 Talk 2018

Mr Terry Hornbuckle from Berwick RSL presented an insightful talk to our Grade 4 students on Friday April 20th. He is a Vietnam War veteran and he presented a moving account of action at Gallipoli all those year ago on 25th April, 1915 and he also spoke of the sacrifices many others have made in wars. Our thanks are extended to Mr Hornbuckle for finding the time to talk to our Grade 4 students.


Terry showed us an old RSL photo of Diggers at the pyramids in Egypt, an old Slouch Hat, his heavy woolen overcoat uniforms and he even even showed us some of his own special medals.